1. Anadyomene
    Roberto Laneri

  2. Panamor
    Addict Ameba

  3. Om Shanti Om
    Don Cherry

  4. Suoni Immaginari
    Agostino Nirodh Fortini

  5. Som Folk Är Mest

  6. Live 75 / Expanded Version
    Telaio Magnetico

  7. Moon On The Water
    Moon On The Water

  8. Positive Force
    Al Doum & the Faryds

  9. Cucoma Combo
    Cucoma Combo

  10. Intemporel
    Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma

  11. Het Jakoba Prieel
    Fred Gales

  12. Ethnoelectronics
    Walter Maioli, Fred Gales, Nirodh Fortini, Raffaele Serra, John Zandijk, Edward Luyken

  13. Taraxacum
    Walter Maioli, Nirodh Fortini

  14. In Fa
    Riccardo Sinigaglia with Trio Cavallazzi

  15. Venndiagram
    DSR Lines

  16. Five Dramas For Swollen Emotions
    Isak Sundström

  17. Coming Together / Attica / Les Moutons De Panurge
    Frederic Rzewski

  18. Your Own Self
    Garrett List

  19. Spirit Rejoin
    Al Doum And The Faryds

  20. Live In Frankfurt 82
    Bitter Funeral Beer Band with Don Cherry

  21. Conversations
    Archie Shepp & Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio

  22. Princess Of Dawn - Soundtrack

  23. Standing Waters
    Maurizio Abate

  24. Evoluzione Interiore
    Juri Camisasca

  25. French Archives
    Ariel Kalma

  26. Spoel
    DSR Lines

  27. 1972 Blues Jazz Session
    Gruppo Afro Mediterraneo

  28. Il Cerchio Degli Antichi Colori

  29. Un Giorno In Una Piazza Del Mediterraneo

  30. Isole Del Suono
    Futuro Antico

  31. Amazonia 6891
    Pit Piccinelli, Fred Gales, Walter Maioli

  32. Gaetano Liguori Collective Orchestra
    Gaetano Liguori Collective Orchestra

  33. Autumn Resonance / Domino Figures
    Wayne Siegel

  34. Early Works
    Wayne Siegel

  35. I.P.Son Group
    I.P.Son Group

  36. Genti E Paesi Del Mondo
    Piero Umiliani

  37. Mondo Inquieto
    M. Zalla (Umiliani)

  38. Tensione
    Moggi (Umiliani)

  39. Interfrequence
    Ariel Kalma

  40. Musique Pour Le Rêve Et L'Amour
    Ariel Kalma

  41. Electronic Minimal Music
    J.D. Emmanuel

  42. Loneliness, Desire and Revenge
    Maurizio Abate

  43. Jungle Echoes
    Chaino And His African Percussion Safari

  44. A Circle Inside A Square Inside...
    Metabolismus Und Fifty-Fifty

  45. Problemi d'oggi
    Umiliani (Zalla)

  46. Celestial Ascent
    Don Robertson

  47. Open Like A Flute
    Ariel Kalma

  48. Echoes From Ancient Caves
    J.D. Emmanuel

  49. A Way To Nowhere
    Maurizio Abate

  50. Cosmic Love
    Al Doum & The Faryds

  51. First Electronic Chillout Music
    S.J. Hoffman & H. Ravel & Les Baxter

  52. Futuro Antico
    Futuro Antico

  53. Dai Primitivi All'Elettronica
    Futuro Antico

  54. Edena
    Piotr Kurek

  55. Message From Era Ora

  56. Osmose
    Ariel Kalma

  57. Heat
    Piotr Kurek

  58. Baxamaxam

  59. Eternal Zio
    Eternal Zio

  60. Eden's Island
    Eden Ahbez


Black Sweat Records Italy

A shredded selection coming from different times: weird and ethnic sounds, warm electronic waves, jazz and rythmic approaches... everything is held together by a unique taste that pursue passion and curiosity. The music speaks about itself through itself. ... more

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